I have been making a few more things for myself lately which I have found very satisfying! Recently I made some Clara culottes from some fabric I was gifted by a local sewing friend. Late last year I met up with a local group of ladies through a friend who had connected with them on Instagram. It was great to chat sewing, patterns and fabric! We each brought along some pieces of fabric we no longer had a strong attachment to for a fabric swap. I received this lovely textured cotton and there was enough to make something for me.

The Clara culottes were designed by my friend Sofie from WISJ designs. They are a great staple for my wardrobe. I’ve worn these lots to work and they pair perfectly with my op shop leather strap shoes. I was so pleased when I found them! They were exactly what I was looking for. The culottes look great in denim too. I’ve made a pair for Isabella that you can see in my IG feed. The pattern comes with both the women’s and childrens’ version. You can search the hashtag on IG to find other lovely versions.

I’ll definitely be making some more Clara culottes in the future!