While the weather here in my part of the world is far from suitable for wearing summer dresses, today I’m sharing a lovely dress I made for Juliette a couple of months back and finally got to photograph last week. I am lucky enough to be sent fabric from Minerva in the UK from time to time and it’s always such a pleasure to receive their packages and sew up their fabrics!! You can see my Minerva post here.

I let Juliette choose a fabric this time and she chose this gorgeous cotton poplin by Art Gallery. It is called GATHERED and you can find it here. The print features a collection of ‘gathered’ garden items and other sweet things that really appeal to Juliette! Luckily when the weather is warm enough, she still loves to wear pretty dresses.

I chose to make her the Posie pattern since I knew it would suit this fabric well. I actually made it for Juliette for her birthday in May but when she tried it on, it was too big since the pattern was still in testing phase then. I removed the skirt and pulled the bodice side seams apart. Then, in my sewing room overhaul and tidy up, I misplaced the skirt for a good few weeks before finding it again and fixing the dress! Now it fits her well and will be great when when the weather improves!! Can’t wait for that! This dress features the flutter sleeves, fitted bodice with scooped back and gathered skirt. Straightforward to sew and when the zip can be omitted, it is quite quick to construct.

The fabric would be gorgeous in bed linen too I think. I can imagine some sweet pillowcases and I might just have enough leftover for a cushion cover for Juliette too. I can also imagine it sewn up in a cute shirt and nightwear. If you check out the fabric at Minerva you can find examples of it sewn up – in particular, an amazing quilt featuring this print. The drape is good and its nice and soft to touch. I’ve never been disappointed with an Art Gallery fabric! Always great quality. Juliette actually carefully snipped a few of the rectangular vignettes from the fabric and made some sweet cards out of them!

Thank you so much Minerva for sending me this gorgeous fabric!!