This week while staying home, I wallpapered the girls’ bedroom!  About six weeks ago I received an email from Annie from Photowall, a beautiful wallpaper/wall mural and print company based in Stockholm, Sweden. I clicked on the link to the Photowall website and was instantly impressed by the beautiful designs in wallpaper and prints.  It’s no secret that I LOVE wallpaper and have already wallpapered three walls in our house.  Annie very kindly offered to supply me with some wallpaper of my choosing to hang in our home.  

We live in a big family home and the girls have moved rooms several times.  They have consistently slept in the same room since they were old enough to sleep in a bed.  They have trialled separation to have their independence, but have always come back together. Since the virus took over everyone’s lives, we transformed their bedroom into a classroom (since it is the biggest of the bedrooms), which meant they moved into the room opposite which we swiftly set up to be homely and inviting.  So Annie’s offer came at a perfect time!  We are home and this was the perfect addition to help the girls love their new room even more.

The wallpaper I chose is called Happy forest – grey and is absolutely beautiful. It is neutral enough to not go out of style and I love the feeling it has brought to the room. This design also comes in a couple of pastel variations which are gorgeous too. The wallpaper comes in a roll but in made to measure panels to fit exactly in your space. This means there is very little wastage, but you must measure carefully and overestimate your needs slightly to allow for uneven walls.

We are all super happy with the wallpaper! Thank you so much Annie and Photowall!